Prep Plans

AvrameUSA Prep Plans are designed to help you expedite your research, bidding, and feasibility checks.

Need to know where to start?
The Prep Plans include getting started tips ranging from land research and preparation through build approach and budgeting.

  • The Prep Plans can be presented to a local builder for a full take off bid or used to hone in on your self build budget.
  • Any Prep Plan purchase will be applied as a credit to your future AvrameUSA kit purchase
  • AvrameUSA Prep Plans are not intended for building or permitting.
  • AvrameUSA Prep Plans do not include customizations.
  • AvrameUSA full plan sets for permitting (with state stamped structural engineering plans) are only included later with the purchase of our minimum kit which is our Structural Kit.
  • AvrameUSA plans, platform framing methodology, and engineering require our US custom fabricated hardware to be buildable plans. Customizations are bid per project and happen during the drawing phase of your project.

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