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Welcome to AvrameUSA!
We are honored you are here to join us in our mission to simplify the home
building experience with a fresh take on a classic design.  


Where to start?

There are a lot of elements that go into researching, planning, permitting, and finally building your new Avrame home.  You will want to start by connecting with us by filling out our Contact Form so we can learn a little about your project, answer your questions, and get you info on out introductory group call offered several times a week.   

You may also want to check out our Build Process page which has lots of great info on the stages you will go through in this journeyInnovation, value, and simplicity are at the core of the AvrameUSA building system.  It all starts with our Structural Kit, check out the details and familiarize yourself with a few new terms, on the Trio and Duo systems.

Here's a summary of the official steps you will take when you work with AvrameUSA:

  1. Introductory call and research phase.  
  2. Builder Zoom call of the structural assembly.  Your builder/framer joins this call if you are not using an owner-builder approach.  
  3. AvrameUSA provides an estimate based on Structural Kit only and any customizations (redline mark-up required)  to the plans you request.
  4. The drawings phase is initiated with receipt of initial payment ($3,500) and customization fees, nonrefundable. (New projects are currently booking 4-7 weeks out.  Once begun, 4-8 weeks depending on customizations for final sets) 
  5. Final plans delivered to you, digital and hard copy.  You submit for a residential building permit. This step can take a few weeks to a few months depending on your jurisdiction, start early.
  6. Kit production, locking in material prices, and scheduling a ship date Upon receipt of your combined plan sets, you may reserve an available* kit delivery week, with a $1,000 non-refundable payment.  Payment is applied towards your kit. 6-8 weeks out from your scheduled ship date you will receive an updated Production Invoice for all materials priced at current market rates. This will be your final locked-in pricing which your 50% production payment will be based on.
  7. Shipping from SLC upon final payment. (1-7 days)

Thanks for considering AvrameUSA, let's connect soon!

*production dates fill quickly and are subject to change weekly, contact us for availability timelines


What do we do?

Our flexible building system kits are designed specifically to make building easy, affordable, and customizable. If you are into rolling your sleeves up have some experience (or know a few talented people) we are a self-builders dream!

Curious how?

The key is in our exclusive AvrameUSA Structural Kit. We start by aligning pre-cut, pre-drilled, custom-engineered structural truss materials with architectural and engineer wet stamped plan sets!  Translation: a faster more affordable plan set development experience and structural framing in days vs. weeks!

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Already know the basics?

Our AvrameUSA Prep Plans are here to help you hire a builder and get your budget rolling.