Why Avrame



Why Choose Avrame

Whether you have some land already or have your eye on a piece of land to build a second home, vacation rental, cabin or a place to live full-time, AvrameUSA is the way to go. Versus the competition, our flexible building system kits are designed specifically to make building easy, affordable and customizable.  Before you know it, you can move into a beautifully designed, high-quality A-frame that you can personalize with your very own finishing touches. At this point, we say, welcome home.

How are we different?

We want you to understand all the options out there and especially the differences so you can choose the best building option for you.

What We Are

A Sophisticated Materials Order Kit With:

Customizable, Engineer-Stamped Plan Sets

Floor plans and architectural details are usually the first thought as you envision your home.  Equally as important is the engineer-stamped structural plans.  Many online plan sets require you to hire an architect to customize and an engineer to structurally stamp in order to move to permitting.  AvrameUSA Structural Kits offer both architectural details and engineer stamped structural sets. Oh, and did we mention they are customizable?  If you have a few tweaks or changes, or say you want more windows. It’s no problem. Our kit offer design flexibility because we know one size does not fit all.

Pre-Cut, Pre-Drilled Structural Truss System

With high-quality structurally sound materials, our LVL and LSL structural lumber provides above-standard stability so you can focus on the finishing touches.  As technology simplifies the building process, all structural truss components are precision pre-cut and pre-drilled on a digital CNC machine – eliminating the “measure twice” notion.  Custom-fabricated hardware then aligns for “bolt-together” simplicity.

Optional Building Materials That Come All In One Truck Delivery

Select our structural kit only or customize your kit with anything from roofing to interior walls. Full kits will save you time, are just more convenient and are ideal for remote locations.  You will reduce waste and eliminate the need to calculate quantities. Full kits are great if you want to spend your time building, not shopping.

What We Are Not

An All-Inclusive Turnkey System

We do not subscribe to the “everything including the kitchen sink” model. Our materials offer value and economy of scale and allow you to source the rest directly, eliminating the middleman.  Our background is in millwork and residential building but we do not claim to be appliance experts. We focus on helping you build the best, most affordable and beautiful A-frame structure. From there, you can fill it with the finishing touches you like best.

A Mobile Home On Wheels

Our homes are placed on poured concrete foundations.  They are permanent structures.

A Prefabricated Home

While we have prefabricated components, we are considered a traditional stick build. Think of AvrameUSA as a sophisticated materials order kit with a full sets of plans.

A “Here’s How To Do It” Company

Our system, originally designed in Estonia, delivers an innovative exclusive framing methodology unique in the world of A-frames. This offers an experienced self builder (DIYer) or general contractor a bolt-together experience for ease and speed of assembly. However, if your building experience starts and ends with a bookshelf or shed, you will want to hire an expert. If you do not have carpentry or framing experience, you will want to hire a local general contractor.

Just A Pretty Design

Avrame’s beautiful, reimaged and Scandinavian design makes the classic A-frame shape a reality for a modern homeowner.  Beyond its beauty is an expertly engineered framing system that aligns with US building codes.  The system is also designed to accommodate about 90% of US snow loads, wind, and seismic requirements.

A Modular Panelized Home

Nothing we send is pre-assembled.