The Trio

Trio: A simple home, place to retire, or place to gather the Trio series offers something for everyone. All Trio’s use a 30 foot triangular, custom fabricated truss system and includes one dormer and second level living. The footprint of a Trio is 30 feet wide and 27 feet tall, with five models ranging from 20-50 feet in length. Interested in customizations, no problem. The Trio is very popular, click here to see where kits are being built around the country.

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Models SqFt Beds Baths Structural Only Structural + Shell Structural + Shell + Ext Structural + Shell +
Ext + Int
Floor Plans Budget
150 1,600 3-4 2 $47,475 $63,050 $84,100 $104,100 PDF Download PDF Download
120 1,400 3-4 2 $40,750 $53,750 $72,100 $89,050 PDF Download PDF Download
100 1,200 2-3 2 $36,450 $48,300 $65,600 $79,850 PDF Download PDF Download
75 900 2-3 1 $30,925 $40,925 $56,625 $68,800 PDF Download PDF Download
57 700 2-3 1 $27,875 $36,125 $50,500 $61,550 PDF Download PDF Download

Covid-19 impact on building materials pricing:  The ripple effects of shutdowns, restrictions, difficult fire seasons and increased demand has caused instability in materials pricing.  Industry predictions say this will continue at least through 2021.   We will continue to update pricing in real-time on this page to best help you plan for your future project.  (last updated 2-21-2021)

Currently, new bids are for Structural Kit materials only and are good for 90 days.  Additional materials can be added at the time of Kit Production at the current market rate.  Click here for more info on the steps and timing in this process.

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